Private Tutoring
Hello there! I'm Stacy! I have been tutoring students one-on-one for over half of my life and have volunteered at several tutoring organizations. I am a tutor by passion and profession. You will find my sessions to be a judgment-free zone that promotes confidence and academic growth. As a student myself, I know the grit and dedication necessary from both the student and the instructor to achieve success, so I am more than ready to put in the effort to help you thrive!

My teaching style can be summed up into two words: students first. Every session I come prepared with a lesson plan (for those unsure on their route to success) that is entirely flexible (for those aware of what they need to target) and plenty of resources to help YOU maximize our time together.

From infographics to personalized slideshows, I am fully committed to catering to your strengths and areas of improvements. So, it doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner to the subject or just looking to polish up on some aspects of it; I have something for you.

Currently, I specialize in K-12 Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Spanish, but I am completely open to helping anyone with these subjects regardless of age, so advanced elementary, adult school, ESL, and GED students are welcome to reach out!

I've been lucky to help numerous students earn A's and would love to be a part of your learning journey!
Hourly Rate:
$17.50 ($10 every 5)
English, Spanish
K-12, GED, Adult School
Math, Physics, Biology,
ESL, Spanish
30min Consulting Session