SAPS: STEM Advancement Program by Stacy
The SAPS (STEM Advancement Program by Stacy) Program is a free virtual summer bootcamp created by Stacy Vazquez to introduce middle and high school students to advanced STEM topics. The theme of the Summer 2024 Edition of this bootcamp is Introduction to Computer Science and Python.

I'm so excited to launch this program! I'm very passionate about computer science and love to share my knowledge surrounding the field. Back in High School, I participated in a Python-based Women's bootcamp. This bootcamp inspired me to become a computer science major, so I fully believe that this program could be very fruitful for many students. Happy Learning!
MAPLES: Mentorship and Advisory Program for Learning and Empowerment by Stacy
The MAPLES program is an initiative by Stacy Vazquez to help high school students from underrepresented backgrounds by providing mentorship and college counseling. 2-4 high school students will be selected to participate in the program in which they will receive advice regarding extracurriculars, academics, standardized testing, summer activities, college applications, and scholarships. They will remain in the program throughout their high school career. As the mentor and founder, Stacy is committed to help the students find their strengths and passion and begin to craft a compelling resume that will help them stand out in college admissions. As a former high school student with big dreams of attending a Top 20 university, now MIT student, Stacy has created this program to give back to the community that supported and raised her. She aspires to be the mentor and guide she wishes she had in high school.